The story of my first 9a

It took me 5 days for the 8c+ part but then I kept falling right past the anchor of the 8c+ which has made the whole projecting a tough mind game for me. On the third climbing day it was the same thing again so I just stopped because my mind was not on spot. So, why not try it on the fourth day again? Brushing, climbing sections and just give it another burn. I was surprisingly calm and thought “I can do it now”. Then I came to the crux and was like “Sive everything you’ve got left now! Stand precisely and keep the tension.” Suddenly, I stick the move, clip the draw and make it to the proper rest. “Okay, I am stressed. Continue carefully. Endorphines a rushing through my body – it is neither far nor difficlut to the anchor anymore. I clip the ancor and I scream of joy through the whole sector (Sorry for this once again). Emotions and passion define climbing and I had lots of that in me. My first 9a. What a motiviation for the rest of the year.


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