Martina Demmel

„ I grew in a small vilage in southern Munich and ever since I was able to walk I have been to the mountains with my parents a lot. Skiing was the outdoor sport I liked especially which is reason why I did competitive skiing up to the age of 15. When I was 16, I discovered climbing for me through a friend of mine, which I am more than happy about. I simply love the mix of elegance, strength and the mental side, as well as the process of projectingf. Since I climb almost exclusively on rock, travelling and discovering new climbing areas together with good friends is one of my favourite activities. “

Achievements Comps

  • place (semi-final) at my first World Cup in Briancon 2020
  • 8th place International German Championships Lead 2020
  • German Vice Lead Champion 2020
  • Southern German & Bavarian Lead Champion 2020

Achievements Outdoors

  • Joe-Cita (9a) 5th attempt, Oliana, Spain
  • La morenita (8c+) 4th attempt, Oliana, Spain
  • Joe Blau (8c+) 3rd attempt, Oliana, Spain
  • Mind control (8c) 2nd attempt, Oliana, Spain
  • Humildes pa casa (8b+) Onsight, Oliana, Spain
  • Bouldering:
  • Panic Room (7C) Kochel
  • Wini Two (7B+) Silvretta
  • Amateur (7B+) Franken
  • Vollprofi (7B+) Franken
  • La rampe infinie (7B) Flash, Bleau
  • Multipitches:
  • Gsi or not to be (7c) hardest multipitch in the 2.nd go, 8 pitches, 200m, Martinswand
  • Fiedler flunger (7b) Onsight, 8 pitches, 200m, Martinswand
  • Tiramisu (7a+) onsight, 7 pitches, 180m, Martinswand
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about Mantle

„ In the beginning I tried all sorts of chalks, but none was really good for me. Either too hard and crumbly or too soft and floury, but then I got my hands on the Mantle chalk and knew that I had arrived in the chalk heaven. The Mantle Chalk simply hits the golden mean! :) “

Questions to Martina

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Of course I like it best to spend the whole day climbing on the rock together with some good friends. Check out a few routes together, cheer each other on and enjoy the day in nature. In my opinion funny evening at the campfire with cosy Reggea songs makes the whole thing perfect. Since I only discovered climbing at the age of 16, skiing is also one of my favourite pastimes. I have been having fun on these two boards since I was 4 years old because the feeling of immersing myself in fresh, deep powder is simply priceless. In the few quiet minutes in between I like to be creative and decorate my shoes, Grigri, ... with nail polish, listen to relaxed music or fevering excitedly with my favorite series.

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

Maybe some of you have already wondered what the scar on my nose is all about, even if it is no longer visible at first sight. Here is the story: Back to one of my first real rock days about 2 years ago and my first 7b project back then. A vertical 20m wall with many small crimps and a small bead in the upper part of the wall on which a hook is placed in the middle. In my second attempt I came already unexpectedly safe up to the Crux over the bead, however, then I did not hit a crimp properly and went straight downwards. Now no one would believe me that I would not hit a big crimp, but I am so talented to my nose get caught in the small draw when I fell off the route. So, to my belayer it became clear quite fast that it was not rain but my blood that was dripping down from above. Then this day ended with a few stitches in the hospital and even if it might sound a bit brutal, I can only laugh about it now because the probability that something like this will happen is so incredibly low ;)

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

Since I have already exceeded my climbing goals unexpectedly fast several times, it is difficult for me to set realistic goals at the moment. All in all I have soo many dream lines in my head which I'd like to try. Those are all over the world in various grades! However, it would be a nice dream to climb a 9a and to push my limit even further. It is also always important to me to not only do what you feel comfortable in but also to work on your weaknesses. An almost impossible goal would be not to know what your own antistyle is, because you are equally comfortable and strong in every climbing style. In addition, I would like to try out the other types of climbing, such as trad climbing, alpine climbing and ice climbing and gain more experience in these directions. I can't imagine a life without travelling at all since I started climbing, which is why my curiosity for new cultures and landscapes always motivates me and drives me to further climbing trips. In the long run I want to keep up the joy and motivation of all what I do. I am infinitely grateful to have Mantle as a support and to be part of this team.

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