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ClimBar Green Tea

Lasting care for sore climbing hands and intensive protection for dry skin with the soothing Mantle ClimBar formula with natural ingredients. The solid hand cream for climbers with olive oil and shea butter from controlled organic cultivation is ideal for long-lasting care of your climbing hands. The pleasant scent of green tea is imparted by natural tea wax.

Made in Germany.
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What is in the “ClimBar” solid hand cream?

Olive oil: The moisturising and protective properties of olive oil are the ideal care for your dry climbing hands.
Beeswax is an excretory product from the wax glands of bees which is used to produce honeycomb. In cosmetics, it is used to care for dry, chapped and irritated skin. Therefore, this soothing ingredient must not be missing in our firm climbing hand cream.
Like olive oil, shea butter is just as moisturising and protective and also achieves a relaxing and soothing effect for the skin. Shea butter can provide relief for damaged skin.

With our climbing cream “ClimBar” you can rely on the soothing care of your overstrained climbing hands.

Ideal for care after climbing. After washing your hands, rub the ClimBar into your slightly damp skin and allow to absorb.

Olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E, green tea wax.

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