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There are different models of the Mantle Boulderbag. Though they all have same product attributes, which you as a boulderer are gonna love:

The convenient format offers lots of space for brushes, tape, or a bottle of liquid chalk. The zipper pocket allows you to store your phone or keys and the ‘roll-down’ closure made out of weatherproof material closes your Boulderbag whenever you want.

Concerning the material inside we chose a skin friendly microfleece for you.

The capacity of more than two liters is more than enough – even for a long day of bouldering outdoors!

In the 15 cm wide opening children-, women-, and men hands easily fit. With a base of 20 cm x 20cm you can comfortably refill your Boulderbag. The resilient canvas fabric is robust and suitable for the gym as well as outdoors.

Dirt can be easily washed off.

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Mantle Athlete
Thomas Podolan

  • Youth Vice World Champion Boulder 2018 (Moscow)
  • Triple National Youth Champion in Speed, Lead and Bouldering (Austria)
  • 1st Place EYC Lead 2017

Thomas about Mantle

„ In order to give 100% in training as well as at comps, I need a chalk that gives me great grip. MANTLE provides such a chalk for me.  “
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Thomas Podolan

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