#climbgreen with grasspaper


We as climbers have a deep connection to the nature. It’s where we live out our greatest passion, where we make wonderful experiences with our friends and family and where we find peace when life gets too busy. Our desire is to keep the forests where we explore the world’s best climbing areas the way they are. This is why Mantle decided to stand up for the environment and to reduce the ecological footprint. After thorough research we have found the perfect environmentally friendly packaging for our high-quality chalk in order to set a milestone on our way to an increasing environmentally friendly production. This matches our vision to express environmental awareness in our products.

Grasspaper is made out of 50 % waste paper and 50 % fresh fibres from sun dried grass which grows in a Biosphere region in Germany. Instead of needing a few thousand litres per ton of wood fibre pulp, less than one litre of water is required per ton of grass fibre pulp and up to 80 % of energy is saved. This reduces the environmental impact greatly. Moreover, no process chemicals are used at all. Another immense advantage is that grass fibre regrows within 45 days only. The production process takes place in Germany and then we carefully fill the bags with high quality Mantle Chalk at our headquarter.

For a convenient use we ensured that the innovative grasspaper bag is reclosable with a metal clip.

To the product: Grasspaper 300g

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