About us

Mantle GmbH was established in 2007 and has now established a warehouse within Sauerlach, near Munich. Our close proximity to the Alps has proven a great advantage in building solid relationships with rock climbers and gyms within the area.

All ‘Mantle’ associates have been active climbers themselves, maintaining the high quality of their products to suit the needs of the industry. As a result, many competitive climbers and rock climbers were able to celebrate their success via the Mantle product.

In association with climbing lovers and athletes we are working together on new products for the climbing and bouldering scene daily. Only after the athletes have tested our new products and are satisfied with the quality and design we go out to market.

We, the Mantle GmbH (group), is a young and authentic team with a common goal to advise and equip not only the retail market but also the athletes with the best products only.

Top athletes trust Mantle

Share passion. Connect experience. Equip professionally. We are grateful to be in close contact with renowned athletes in order to live out our passion for climbing together. This is what enables us to develop innovative products and provide professional equipment for all climbers.

To our athletes