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It is our heart’s desire to express the love for the nature of the climbing and bouldering scene in an innovative and practice-proven range of products. By combining sustainability, design and professionalism you can feel comfortable with the Mantle products and rely on the functionality of the equipment.To the products


One of the best crushed chalks available on the market which convinces with its ideal consistency. Tested and recommended by professionals!

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Hand balm

#betaforskin High – End hand balm with specifically selected and high-quality ingredients for the optimal care of your climbing hands.

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Stylish, practical, good. Plenty of room for brushes, tape or a bottle of Liquid Chalk and safe storage for mobile phone or keys. All of this in your favourite colours!

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Smart designs to match your stylish climbing look. The Mantle Chalkbags are made of robust material and also offer space to store small things safely.

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Whether outdoors or indoors, we have the right brush for any climbing location! Choose between environmentally friendly wooden brushes and stable plastic brushes in your favourite colour.

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Fit and healthy with Mantle! The training bands in four different strengths equip you perfectly for your warm-up, balance and strength training.

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Grasspaper is the new innovative fabric at Mantle and a milestone on the way to environmentally friendly packaging. We use it for the first time now to pack our tried and tested high-quality chalk. If you use grass paper instead of conventional paper packaging, you save about 50% CO2, 65% water, 30% energy and 65% chemicals (approximate values based on industrial production indices). Within 45 days roughly, the mown native meadows have recovered again. Read more about the new innovative packaging material for Mantle Chalk on our blog

Top athletes trust Mantle

Share passion. Connect experience. Equip professionally. We are grateful to be in close contact with renowned athletes in order to live out our passion for climbing together. This is what enables us to develop innovative products and provide professional equipment for all climbers.

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