Martin Tekles

„ On the one side climbing is the opposite pole to real life for me, being able to switch off, leave studies or work behind me and to just live the moment, whether in training or in nature. On the other side the challenge you have in a tour, a boulder or in the daily training appeals to me. Climbing is such a complex sport, so it is never boring because there is always something you can improve. “

Achievements Comps

  • 9th Place Lead World Cup Wujiang (China) 2017
  • 13th Place Lead World Cup Xiamen (China) 2017
  • German Vice Champion Lead 2013, 2016 (Opens)
  • German Vice Champion Lead (Juniors)
  • 1st Place Gerneral Result German Leac Cup (Juniors)
  • 1st Place German Lead Cup Stuttgart 2016 (Opens)
  • 1st Place German Lead Cup Würzburg (Opens)
  • 1st Place Austria Cup Lead Saalfelden
  • Bavarian Lead Champion (Juniors)

Achievements Outdoors

  • Sport climbing:
  • Warbeast (8c), Nago
  • Es manus (8b/+), Rodellar
  • Il casa del terror (8c), Rodellar
  • No name (8b), Osp
  • Bucking Bronco (8c+), Nago
  • Various routes up to 8a+ onsight
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about Mantle

„ Without Chalk I wouldn't be able to climb a single meter. Due to a tender skin resulting in sweaty hands I am dependant on chalk that I can fully trust: Mantle-Chalk. It combines ideal consistency, neither too fine nor too chunky and the ideal dryness for absolute friction on the holds. At comps in particular you need chalk you cn rely on and for me that is definitley Mantle-Chalk. “

Questions to Martin

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Currently I define time without training as spare time. So there is lots to do such as studying for uni, spending time in the nature, lots of organisational stuff and thinking about training and climbing :)

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

Well, that is kind of funny and the first time I am actually sharing this. At my first Bouldering Championship in Überlingen at Bodensee in 2010 which was my second year of doing the whole comp thing I truly lacked comp experience. When I approched the last boulder I had the opportunity to win if I sent it in my first attempt. Well, there were red and blue holds though. At lead comps the rule was that you were only allowed to use of one colour so that is what I did in this boulder as well. I struggled so hard only using the red holds although there was a big blue hold right in front of me. Anyways, I could have done it in my first shot but this way I came third. Now I know: use everything the wall offers you.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

Short-term improvement to achieve long-term goals :) This could be making finals at a World Cup and standing on a podium at a World Cup. Getting the opens national lead title and climbing 9a are still missing on the list. There is lots to do and I am psyched for it.

Mantle Athlete
Laura Stöckler

  • World Youth Champion Combined 2017 (Juniors)
  • European Youth Champion Combined 2017 (Juniors)
  • 5th Place World Youth Championship Bouldering 2017

Laura about Mantle

„ Whoever claims that chalk equals chalk, hasn't yet tried Mantle chalk. The perfect consistency doesn't leave any fingers wet and provides perfect conditions. “
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Laura Stöckler

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