Afra Hönig

Achievements Comps

  • 5th Place European Youth Cup Boulder Meran (Youth A)
  • 3rd Place German Championship Boulder Berlin 2017
  • Southern German Champion Boulder Tübingen 2018
  • 4th Place German Boulder Cup Friedrichshafen
  • 4th Place German Boulder Cup Frankfurt
  • 5th Place German Championship Friedrichshafen 2018
  • 5th Place German Boulder Cup Frankfurt
  • German Boulder Youth Champion (Youth A)
  • 3rd Place German Youth Cup Lead Darmstadt (Youth A)
  • Bavarian Boulder Champion 2014+2015

Achievements Outdoors

  • Rockclimbing:
  • Hitch Hike the Plane (7c+), Frankenjura
  • High Heels, (7c) Konstein
  • Chasin‘ the trane (7c), Frankenjura
  • Atomkraftwerk B (7c), Frankenjura
  • The Destroyer (7c), Costa Blanca Spain
  • Tagediebe (7c), Siurana
  • Boulder:
  • Confession of a crap artist (7c+), Chironico
  • Rythmo (7c+), Magic Wood
  • La fuente (7c), Albarracin
  • Jack the chipper (7c), Magic Wood
  • Minisex (7c), Magic Wood
  • Papa Chango (7c), Magic Wood
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about Mantle

„ For climbing chalk is as important as climbing shoes. Just like there are differneces in quality between climbing shoes there are also differences between chalk. The Mantle Chlak simply has the best grip on rock and on plastic which enables you to hold on to small slippery holds even on hot days ;-) “

Questions to Afra

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Which spare time are you talking about?

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

I climbed my first comp in 2004 when I was only 8 years of age.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

Not to injure myself and to send as many hard boulders as possible!

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