Commit to falling but with protection only.

Without a doubt, crashpads are a safety product for all boulderers outdoors or for your self-made bouldering wall at home.

Regardless if you are a beginner or a real crusher sufficient protection is indispensable.

Due to the diversity of suppliers we would like to present the advantages of our unique crashpad to you:

  • The outer material of the Mantle crashpad is made of terylene 600D which has been a well known material for sowing and is highly tear resistant
  • The foam located inside is made of two different layers, which has proven itself reliable for highballs
  • Specific metal clips for the fasteners provide the required stability and an according persistence
  • The carrying of our crashpads is comfortable due to the tried and tested backpack carry system (with waist strap!)
  • You are looking at a weight of four kilograms for the small version and 6.3 kilograms for the big version which is reasonable even for teens and women.
  • Due to Velcro fasteners it is possible to connect the crashpads with one another to cover an accordingly big landing
  • For the break in between your go’s you can make yourself comfortable by using the strap system to turn the big crashpad into a lounge chair.

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