Climbing Tape

To you, your fingers should be worth it!

Small, colourful and effective – that’s how you could describe Mantle Tape. No matter which colour width you choose, you get a climbing tape which doesn’t stretch. As a result it provides the required stability and support for your fingers.

You will notice that the edges of our tape are slightly riffled. The advantage is, that you can rip the tape to the millimetre and optimise the adjustment to the length you want.

It is suitable for stabilising and taking pressure off your fingers and joints. The skin friendly glue allows you to tape minor cuts and scratches.

You know your hands and their weaknesses and with our tape you can operate against them.

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Top athletes trust Mantle

Share passion. Connect experience. Equip professionally. We are grateful to be in close contact with renowned athletes in order to live out our passion for climbing together. This is what enables us to develop innovative products and provide professional equipment for all climbers.

To our athletes