Romy Fuchs

„ The great thing about climbing is, that it is so diverse and you can consistently try new movements. Whether in training, at comps or outdoors, I love having fun with my friends and burning off energy. “

Achievements Comps

  • 4th Place European Youth Cup Boulder, Graz
  • 6th Place European Youth Cup Boulder, Soure
  • 1st Place German Youth Cup Boulder, Hannover
  • Bavarian Boulder Vice Champion, Munich (Opens)
  • 1st Place German Youth Cup Lead, Neu-Ulm
  • 3rd Place German Youth Championship
  • 14th Place World Youth Championship Boulder, Arco
  • 6th Place World Youth Championship Overall, Arco
  • 7th Place European Youth Cup Boulder, Längenfeld

Achievements Outdoors

  • Sport Climbing:
  • The Seer 10/ 10+, Jesuswandl
  • Sreča vrtnice (8b), Mišja peč
  • Mrtvaski ples (8b), Mišja peč
  • Sonce v očeh (8a+), Mišja peč
  • Beauté de Chine (8a+), Tournoux
  • Strta srca (8a+), Mišja peč
  • Finderlohn (8a+), Rottachberg
  • Quälgeist (10-/10), Rottachberg
  • Boulder:
  • Tea with Elmarie (8a/+), Rocklands
  • Aborigines (8a), Bahratal
  • Teamwork (8a), Chironico
  • The Hatchling (7c+/ 8a), Rocklands
  • Schädelknacker (7c+), Bahratal
  • Running Sushi (7c+), Zillertal
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about Mantle

„ Within the last couple of years I have tried various kinds of chalk. Some are too crumbly, some too fine but the Mantle Chalk as a mixture between the two is simply the best!! “

Questions to Romy

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Well, I am pretty much climbing all the time :) I have my closest friends there and in my spare time I go climbing with them, preferably outdoors of course!

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

For some reason one of my favourite training methods is climbing three routes in a row without a break. At the end you are so tired that you are unable to climb the easiest routes and your forearms feel like they gonna explode. After a training like that you just know how hard you have trained.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

I want to go rockclimbin as often as possible, get to know many new areas, whether near or far, and climb many beautiful lines and hard projects!

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