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High-End Balm

High-End Balm for High-End effects. High-quality plant-based oils and fats as the beta for a recoverd, well cared for and robust skin.

This special developed formula for a light, non-greasy and quickly absorbing hand cream, perfectly meets the needs of strained climbers hands. When you apply the balm you will be reminded of the refreshing mountain air due to the precious percentage of arolla pine oil.


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The Mantle High-End Balm contains precious ratios of high-quality active substances which are used for protection of harmful environmental impacts, for moisturising and skin soothing and for the stabilization of damaged skin barriers: grape seed oil, MicroSilver BG, Panthenol, hylauron, Defensil-Plus, frankincense-extract, aloe-vera-gel, avocado oil, cupuacu- and shea butter, betain and wheat germ oil.

Use: Apply to the overused, dry and rough skin

Anwendung: Apply sparingly to the overstrained, dry or rough skin areas once or several times a day. Noticeable and soothing care after the first application already. Suitable for all skin types.

Content: 75 ml


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