Maximilian Karrer

„ For many years climbing has been a constant part of my life. I couldn't imagine beach holidays, at least not as long as there are good conditions for climbing somewhere. “

Achievements Comps

  • Bavarian Lead Champion (Youth B)
  • Bavarian Lead Champion (Youth A)
  • 4th Place German Lead Cup (Youth A)

Achievements Outdoors

  • Rockclimbing:
  • Roof Warrior (8c), Frankenjura
  • Golden Pearl ( 8b+/ 8c), Achleiten
  • Rocketman (8b+), Achleiten
  • Rottame (8c), Ceredo
  • Ironman (8b+), Weigendwall
  • Stonelove (8b+), Frankenjura
  • Boulder:
  • Forget about life for a while (Fb 8b), Frankenjura
  • Machinegun (Fb 8b), Tonsai Beach
  • Northstar (Fb 8a+), Frankenjura
  • Greand Hueco (FA 8a+), Rocklands
  • Pendragon (Fb 8a) Flash, Rocklands
  • Wen Kuadreck Butter war (Fb 8a), Zillertal
  • Roofrocker (Fb 8a), Tonsai Beach
  • Gaeng Tai Pla (Fb 8a), Tonsai Beach
  • ..more than 20 Boulders 8a and harder

about Mantle

„ For a long time I have been looking for a chalk that doesn't provide dry hands in the gym only but also on rock. And I found that with Mantle. “

Questions to Maximilian

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Currently my life is basically just about climbing, studying and checking the weather. If you then also need to work every now and then there is not much time left for anything else..

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

My 4 hour stay on Corsica is probably was definitley a fun one. The original plan was to spend several days climbing on the island. Due to certain "moods" of my companions I did not get the chance to touch a single hold but instead I had to drive all the way down to the very south of the island to catch the ferry in the same afternoon of the day of our arrival.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

The last couple of years fun has been my focus in climbing and that it is still applicable today. However, I now have the Frankenjura as my backyard more or less which has given me lots of psyche. Several classics have been ticked already and now it is time to get on the hard stuff!

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