Who doesn’t love jeans.

Cool jeans chalkbags are a real eye catch.

It provides enough space for loose chalk or a chalk ball. In the front pocket you can store tape or brushes.
Whether you have small or big hands, thanks to the big opening the chalk is easily accessible. The waist belt is individually adjustable. Just pull the cord and the chalkbag is closed.
You can even chuck it into the washing machine at 30 degrees.

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Mantle Athlete
Solveig Korherr

  • German Vice Champion Lead (Opens)
  • Southern German Lead Champion 2016, Reutlingen
  • German Vice Champion Overall 2015 (Youth A)

Solveig about Mantle

„ Due to the perfect mixture the chalk is neither too fine nor too clumpy. “
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Solveig Korherr

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