Tjark Maaß

„ I am a 16-year-old climber who found his passion in bouldering in competitions and outdoors. I started my journey in 2014 in Oldenburg and soon enough I participated at various children's competitions throughout northern Germany. 2018 was my first year for the Northern German state squad at a national level and since 2020 I am also a member of the German junior squad. In the summer of 2021, I moved to the Sport boarding school in Cologne, as this has greatly improved my training conditions. I currently go to a Cologne high school and spend most of my free time training :) “

Achievements Comps

  • Dreifacher Norddeutscher Meister im Bouldern
  • Norddeutscher Meister Lead
  • diverse Top 5 Platzierungen auf den Deutschen Jugendcups
  • 2. Platz Nominierungswettkampf für den ersten EYC 2020

Achievements Outdoors

  • Since I focus on comp climbing, I have never really tried something hard outdoors.
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about Mantle

„ „ What I like about the Mantle Chalk is the feeling on the skin which I haven't had before. Most of the chalk sticks to the skin but it doesn't have this noticeable effect. The Mantle Chalk gives me a much better grip on all round and small holds and the confidence to be able to give everything even on bad holds. “ “

Questions to Tjark

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Besides the time at school and quite a few hours of training, I try to take my time to relax. Just reading a book or doing a yoga session is very relaxing from time to time. Moreover spending time with my friends is very important to me and I am really thankful that they support me so much in my activities.

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

At my first North German Championship I actually finished fourth. Though, since the first place was excluded from the ranking because he was from NRW, I moved up to third place. Believing that I came fourth, I was already on my way home, missed the podium ceremony and one week later I received a yellow card by mail because I did not (could not) accept the medal. Ever since then I prefer to look twice to see which place I reached ;)

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

2020 would have been my first international year and as part of the German team I would have competed in the first EYC. There I wanted to qualify for the Youth World Championship and then achieve a good result. Since these competitions were all cancelled, I started to set broader goals that are possible without competition. For example I tried to get on rock (which is not that easy in Northern Germany) and I still have some boulders on my "to-do-list". If it will be possible in the season 2021, I would like to qualify for the Youth World Championship and get a good result.

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