Käthe Atkins

„ In the summer in 2009 my family and I went on a trekking tour in Nepal and our guide took us to his favourite rock on the last day. I took off from the ground, held two big rocks in my hands and instantly fell in love with the sport. Since then the passion for climbing has never left me and it is still hard to get me off the wall. “

Achievements Comps

  • 19th Place World Cup Lead Villars 2021
  • 27th Place World Cup Lead Braincon 2021
  • 12th Place EYC Juniors 2019
  • 3rd Place German Championships Lead 2018
  • 1st Place German Youth Cup Lead 2016 & 2017

Achievements Outdoors

  • Sport climbing
  • Stella (8a+) Spain
  • Michi (8a), Oliana, Spain
  • Soul Rebel (8a), Oliana, Spain
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about Mantle

„ Over the years I have tried so many different types of chalk but still find the Mantle Chalk best. The consistency is just ideal: the mixture of coarse chunks and finer chalk is perfect for me. Whether on the rock, bouldering or lead, no matter what the weather, it always supports me. “

Questions to Käthe

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Actually, I mostly climb, whether indoors or outdoors. Apart from that, I like to spend time with friends, although that also usually results in climbing. In addition, I like to read, drink coffee and cook. I'm also studying medicine, so unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time.

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

At the age of 12, I tore both growth plates of my middle fingers and was unable to climb for almost two years. I tried different sports like gymnastics, soccer, field hockey and karate. I liked every sport but none of them were as fun as climbing. Once my injuries were somewhat healed, I finally went back to the climbing gym with a huge smile on my face.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

My goal is to train as much as I can, and to advance my medical studies alongside that. Hopefully I can travel a lot in the summer, to world cups and to beautiful climbing areas.

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