Isabell Adolph

„ I love bouldering because of the diversity of movements and climbing because of all those moves which are joined together. In a nice route you can pick up that flow and you wish that there were no chains and you could just keep going. Moreover, as a climber you meet many differnent people at comps, at training or on travels and you have the opportunity to explore many beautiful places all around the world. Preferably I spend my time with friends outdoors in the nature sharing the achievements and experiences of the day or weeks with them. “

Achievements Comps

  • Bavarian Boulder Champion 2015 (Youth A)
  • 4th Place German Bouldering Championship Friedrichshafen 2018
  • 5th Place German Boulder Cup Hannover 2015
  • 3rd Place Southern German Championship Tübingen 2018
  • 3rd Place German Boulder Youth Cup (Youth A)
  • German Boulder Vice Champion (Youth B)
  • Bavarian Boulder Champion (Youth C)
  • Bavarian Lead Champion (Youth C)
  • 3rd Place Bavarian Championship (Opens) 2015

Achievements Outdoors

  • Rockclimbing:
  • Skywalk (8a), Morsbach
  • Velvet Goldmine (27/ ca. 7c), Grampians
  • Popkorn (7c), Morsbach
  • Bouldering:
  • Lazy Mooneli (V10/ 7c+), Grampians
  • Backgammon (7c), Cresciano
  • Cave Girl (V9), Grampians
  • The Walker (V9), Grampians
  • Anagramma (V9), Grampians
  • ..and many more boulders 7b and harder
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about Mantle

„ There so many different kinds of chalk and within my climbing career you get to know a lot of them. I have chosen the Mantle Chalk long ago because it has the perfect consistency due to the mix of soft powder and chunks. “

Questions to Isabell

What do you usually do in your spare time?

When I am not climbing or working I enjoy spending time with family and friends. There is always time for coffee and chatting and at home it became a habit to play some board and card games a few nights a week. I am also part of a vaulting team and we train twice a week, in winter I like to go skiing and in general I am always keen for travel adventures with or even without climbing equipment in the pack.

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

A few years ago on a usual friday morning I was on my way to school and was chatting with my coach. He told me to come to Frankfort because there was a fun comp taking place. I go: "Yeah, you are being funny, who should I possibly get from Munich to Frankfort now and where should I spend the night,..?" He continued trying to convince me while I was checking train connections and asked my friend if I could sneak into her hotel room. I also had my climbing stuff with me since I had planned to go training after school and what else but a tooth brush do you need for one night? So I called my mum and she thought I had gone completely crazy but gave me permission to go. Well, spontanity, initiative and being a little crazy paid off. With the win and a price in my school bag plus a story to tell and a proud coach I went back home.

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

After being mostly a boulderer over the fast few years I am currently super psyched to do some fun and easy sportclimbing (long, flashable and nice routes)! Trad climbing also found its place in my climbers heart. Therefore you need some endurance though.. This why I am trying to simply climb many many boulders and to get on a rope every now or then. I also realised that this kind of balanced training also does my body really well. After sending my first 8a in my third attempt I would like to tick off more routes in this grade, get on an 8a+ maybe and send some classic boulders in Magic Wood!

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