Bandit Bouldering

„ Boulder-Crew from the area of the Swiss capital Bern. Founded in 2018 by six passionate climbing guys and girls. We have all discovered our passion for bouldering in different ways - some of us have been climbing for half our lives, others have been doing it for a few years. The level of performance currently ranges from the middle seventh to the lower eighth degree, but is not the only motivation: Just as much as we like climbing hard we enjoy to spend time exploring new bouldering areas, discovering new lines in the known areas and exchanging new knowledge about the boulders while drinking Bialetti coffee on the crashpad. “

Bandit Boulderings
Achievements Comps

  • Are deliberately omitted. Only rockclimbing counts;-)

Bandit Boulderings
Achievements Outdoors

  • Various boulder problems up to grade 8a+. Some of the highlights are:
  • Enigme (7c), Lindental, Switzerland
  • Baghera (7c+/8a), Fuxenstein, Switzerland
  • King Size (8a), Sustenpass, Switzerland
  • Willenbergdach (8a), Chironico, Switzerland
  • En attendant un nom (8a), Fionnay, Switzerland
  • Part of the art (8a+), Blausee, Switzerland
  • Second life (8a+), Chironico, Switzerland

Bandit Bouldering
about Mantle

„ Mantle as a familial and flexible company is the ideal partner for our adventures. Great products - from chalk to crashpad - as well as a cool team make sure that we feel completely comfortable. “

Questions to Bandit Bouldering

What do you usually do in your spare time?

With bouldering of course! Pack the bus, drive off and off we go whether it is in the nearer surroundings or in bouldering spots like Chironico, Sustenpass or Magic Wood. The one or the other trip to Fontainebleau can't be missed because where else can we get our excellent foot technique?! Otherwise the group has very diverse interests: From reading books to photography and downhill biking, everything is included!

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

According to a real gang, our members all had to go through a certain admission ritual. This is a flash ascent of a supposedly easy rated but still tricky boulder with a finger crack. Not all of them have mastered the entrance into the group with sovereignty, that much can be said. Of course there is no more information for reasons ;-)

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

Meanwhile it is our goal to spend as much time as possible in the most different bouldering areas - in Switzerland as well as elsewhere. Having a good time together and sharing it with the community via Instagram and YouTube is the motivation. Of course we as individuals want to push our limits, we have lines and also grades n our heads. Having fun is definitely the most important part for us!

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Share passion. Connect experience. Equip professionally. We are grateful to be in close contact with renowned athletes in order to live out our passion for climbing together. This is what enables us to develop innovative products and provide professional equipment for all climbers.

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