Solveig Korherr

„ I couldn't imagine life without climbing. Due to my dad I have grown up with it and developed a grear passion for rock- and comp climbing. The mix between power, endurance, coordination and felxibility in climbing captures my fascination. There are always new routes/ boulders and you always have a new challenge. “

Achievements Comps

  • German Vice Champion Lead 2016
  • Southern German Lead Champion 2016, Reutlingen
  • German Vice Champion Overall 2015 (Youth A)
  • 23rd Place World Cup Lead Imst 2014
  • 5th Place European Youth Cup Lead (Youth A)
  • 1st Place German Lead Cup Neu-Ulm 2014 (Opens)

Achievements Outdoors

  • Sport climbing
  • La Cabane au Paradis (8c+), Rawyl, Switzerland
  • Pure Imagination (8c+), Red River Gorge, USA
  • Lucifer (8c+), Red River Gorge, USA
  • Omaha Beach (8b+) Flash, Red River Gorge, USA
  • Olympos Games (8b), Onsight, Geyikbayiri, Turkey
  • Bouldering
  • Lethal Design (8A+), Red Rocks, USA
  • Americana Exotica (7C+), Red Rocks, USA
  • Hasmetmeab (7C+), Bafa Lake, Turkey
  • Bitch Slab 5 (7C), flash, Red Rocks, USA
  • Closed Eye Visuals (7C), flash, Niagara Glen, Canada
  • Mehrseillängen:
  • Dame Cookie (8a+), Gorges du Verdon, Frankreich
  • El Sendero Luminoso (7c), Potrero Chico, Mexiko
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about Mantle

„ Whether on warm or cold days, Mantle is always a loyal companion. Due to the perfect mixture the chalk is neither too fine nor too clumpy. This is why I am grateful for being part of the Mantle-Team. “

Questions to Solveig

What do you usually do in your spare time?

Since everything revolves around climbing at the moment, that's how I spend most of my time. When I'm not on the rock, I like to train in the gym and create new routes for the "Aranea+" climbing gym in Schaffhausen. But since you can't climb every day, I also like to spend my rest days stretching, reading, watching series and eating cake (very important to replenish the energy store!!!).

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

On the first of May 2019, I was eager to get back to my new project in Bürs in Vorarlberg, which I had tried the weekend before. As I couldn't find a climbing partner at first, I persuaded my father to accompany me. After a two-hour drive and arriving at the crag full of euphoria, my dad noticed that he had forgotten his climbing harness. Quite frustrated and disappointed, I thought, that's it now and we have to go back home. After a long wait, however, we met a very nice man who was fortunately from the area and instructed his wife to bring us a harness from his old stash. Yay! Then I was able to give my project a chance after all. But as I was still a bit under the weather, my first attempt was a complete failure and I fell out in the lower part. After a 10-minute break, I immediately started again. Surprisingly, this time it went smoothly. I was able to climb well over both key sections. As the route is 35m long, even if it gets a bit easier at the top, you still have to be pretty on the ball. Totally nervous and already well flattened, I was able to shiver my way up the last bit and happily hang the top of my first 8c "Nobody Is Perfect". What an overwhelming moment! My dad was totally happy not to have to freeze in the cold shade anymore and to secure me, because we finished the rest of the day in the sun and, to top it off, treated ourselves to coffee and cake. Last but not least, climbing legend Beat Kammerlander actually walked past us in the centre of Bludenz. What a crazy day! Definitely one I won't forget!

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

Since I was able to fulfil my big dream to climb a 9a in sport climbing in 2021, I am currently very motivated to try something new and would like to dive more into the world of trad climbing and bouldering in the future.

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