Stefan Danker

„ I practice this sport because the new challenges appeal to me again and again. After a successfully accomplished boulder for example you find yourself standing in front of a new one where you have to find the right solution again. “

Achievements Comps

  • 4th Place Boulder World Cup Canmore (CAN)
  • 4th Place European Boulder Championship
  • German Boulder Champion

Achievements Outdoors

  • Boulder:
  • Ray of Light (8b), Rocklands
  • el corazon (8b), Rocklands
  • L’arche (8b), Rocklands
  • Sport climbing:
  • Kanal im Rücken (10), Kastlwand
  • Klondike Cat (11-), Bärenschlucht
  • The Face 10- (Schellneck Kopf)
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about Mantle

„ The Mantle Chalk is a very good companion for climbing and bouldering. It provides a better friction than usual chalk. “

Questions to Stefan

What do you usually do in your spare time?

So after uni and starting a job the amount of time "off" decreased. Usually I spend several hours a week in a bouldering gym in Munich. Apart from that I try to get some fresh air at weekends. Every now and then I go to the mountains of course.

Give us a fun fact about you or a remarkable experience in your climbing career.

A hint for bouldering in South Africa (also a rule for lifeguards): Do not jump in a river you don't know, western green mambas could have the brilliant idea to cross it...

What are your long term and/or short term goals?

My long term goals are to keep up my current climbing and bouldering level and to improve in certain areas like technique or coordination. And short-term I am waiting for a sunny and dry weekend so that the winter break won't be too long till I can get on some rock again.

Mantle Athlete
Frederike Fell

  • 5th Place Youth World Championships Boulder 2018
  • 6th Place Youth World Championship 2016
  • 3rd Place EYC Bouldern Sofia 2017

Frederike about Mantle

„ To me the Mantle-Chalk is simply the perfect chalk for any opportunity which always has to be with me whether on rock or in the gym. “
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Frederike Fell

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